Monthly Archives: December 2009

Grand Opening Fusion Fitness and Wellness Academy Jan. 4th 2010

Hello fit people.  This is Maxim Nazaire and this is my fitness journey.  I have a huge announcement to make.  TYGTAL (Take your game to another level) Sports Performance has partnered with Fit2DMax Corporate Wellness to build a fitness and human performance facility!  The Fusion Fitness and Wellness Academy will open its doors on January...
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Las Vegas, Lions, Marathons and Elvis

Hey fit people, this is Maxim Nazaire, and this is my fitness journey.   Well folks I just got back home from Las Vegas.  It was an awesome trip.  Vegas is like no other city.  It definitely has an energy that is all on its own.  We stayed at the MGM grand...
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Wild turkeys, family ties and giving thanks

Sorry guy, you never had a chance.    Hello Fit people, this is Max Nazaire and this is my fitness journey.       I LOVE Thanksgiving.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  For me thanks giving includes the 3 F’s, Faith, Family and yes Food.    Although I didn’t get to...
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