Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mother’s Day should be everyday

Hello Fitness People This is Maxim Nazaire and this is my Fitness Journey. I want to turn the spotlight toward my mom.  My mother is the hardest working person that I  know.  My mother is such a strong woman.  I learned so many things from her from listening to her, and from watching...
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A real lesson about “Real Faith”

Hello everyone, this is Maxim Nazaire and this is my Fitness Journey: I heard this on the radio today and I thought that I should share it with you, it’s an ancient proverb about an African tribe that needed rain for their crops.  I thought it was an awesome lesson...
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Testimonial from Randal Robeson

 Corporate Wellness participant Randal Robeson describes his FitDMax experience.  Testimonial Back in January 2010 I was 58 years old, weighted about 202 pounds, and so feeble that just looking at a 25 pound weight scared me. I had convinced myself that running was an activity only people under 30 did....
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