Maxim Nazaire, CSCS

Max Nazaire is the Founder and Owner of Fit2Dmax Inc. He is not living the lifestyle, the lifestyle has become him. Maxim walks this journey everyday and is willing to take anyone with him who is ready for the ride! One of his main goals in life is to inspire as many people as he can to live healthy and active lifestyles. Maxim is a tireless worker, an established leader, a focused visionary and a devoted professional to every client and pupil that he serves. Some call him author, some call him motivator, others call him trainer, but most people who have worked with Max call him “Coach”. As one client explained, “To know Coach Max is to love him.”

Nazaire is a Brooklyn, New York native. At an early age, he developed an appreciation for science, and sports. Nazaire excelled in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Nazaire also shined outside the classroom as an athlete. By his senior year in High School, Max was known as being one of the top athletes in the New York City area. Nazaire was recruited to run Cross Country and Track and Field at Farmingdale State University in Long Island, NY by Coach Hayden. It was there that Max would go on to set the Freshman record in the 5 mile run in just his first race. During the middle of his freshman campaign, Nazaire experienced a heart attack. After a battery of test Nazaire was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal heart condition called Wolff Parkinson’s White Syndrome that required him to have two surgeries. Not only did he beat the disease, but he has inspired others to live a life of health and wellness.

Nazaire’s life has truly been a life of “beating the odds”. After winning his fight with WPW, Nazaire knew that there was a reason why his life was spared. “I realized that my purpose in life is to motivate and inspire others to live the most abundant life that they can possibly live. Whether it’s being the best athlete they can be or managing diabetes, it is all about getting the most out of your God given potential.” Nazaire received his degrees from Farmingdale State University in Liberal arts and from Stony Brook University (NY) in Public Health and Health Science. Nazaire is a certified Personal Trainer but takes pride in being a Coach. Nazaire is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association of America and has received the distinction of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Nazaire is also a Nationally Recognized Coach by the United States Track and Field (USATF), an organization that is known for having some of the best athletic coaches in the world. Maxim Nazaire is an established author of the book, Real Fitness, Real Nutrition: Hollywood Results with a Brooklyn Approach. Real Fitness, Real Nutrition shares Max’s philosophies on fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. Influential people that own his book include Atlanta Hawk’s Center, Zaza Pachuila, Professional Women’s basketball star guard, Chamique Holdsclaw, former New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons Defensive end Chuck Wiley, and Founder of Chick fil-A business trail blazer Truett Cathy.
The best way to describe Maxim Nazaire’s, coaching style is dynamic, innovative, creative, challenging and effective. Nazaire developed his craft at Bally Total Fitness in Brooklyn, NY. From there he moved on to Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City where he trained some of Wall Street’s finest. From there Nazaire moved to Atlanta, Georgia to expand Fit2DMax to the southern part of the country. Nazaire has developed an amazing team of performance coaches, chefs, doctors and dietitians to provide amazing results for his clients. Nazaire, along with the Fit2DMax team, has worked with clients who have had injuries and ailments such as knee pain, back pain, IT band syndrome, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and a host of others. His exercise routines play a significant role in individuals healing from injuries and diseases.

In 2011 Nazaire was awarded the best Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional by the Atlanta Tribune for his excellence in fitness service in the metro Atlanta community. Nazaire was awarded the 2010 Coach of the Year Award for his work with the Weber High School track and field program. Nazaire also acted as an associate Strength and Conditioning Coach at Georgia Tech in 2009 which produced NFL pros such as Morgan Burnett for the Green Bay Packers, Jonathon Dwyer of the Pittsburg Steelers, Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans, Joshua Nesbit of the Buffalo Bills, and Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos. Nazaire also played a part in coaching over 500 kids in the 2009 Shockley camp hosted by University of Georgia Star and former Atlanta Falcons QB, DJ Shockley. Nazaire believes that the key to overall health in the physical, mental, and spiritual realm is to establish balance and to become selfless. Nazaire is an active member of Lakewin Christian Center in Riverdale, GA. Nazaire is also one of the founders of Altruistic Hope Society, a non-profit organization that serves the Atlanta homeless community and is designed to Break Barriers, Build lives and Beat odds.