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TestimonialsMy Fit2DMax coach has displayed a high degree of integrity & responsibility while also providing me the necessary motivation to complete my exercises.My Fit2DMax coach made my workouts interesting and surprisingly fun, while still providing a challenge. Fit2DMax would be an asset to anyone looking for a coach who can change their body and well being, and I am happy to give Fit2DMax my wholehearted endorsement.”.

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About Maxim

Max Nazaire is the Founder and Owner of Fit2Dmax Inc. He is not living the lifestyle, the lifestyle has become him. Maxim walks this journey everyday and is willing to take anyone with him who is ready for the ride! One of his main goals in life is to inspire as many people as he can to live healthy and active lifestyles. Maxim is a tireless worker, an established leader, a focused visionary and a devoted professional to every client and pupil that he serves. Some call him author, some call him motivator, others call him trainer, but most people who have worked with Max call him “Coach”. As one client explained, “To know Coach Max is to love him.”

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