Father’s day 2012

Happy Father’s day to all of the Dads out there.

Fathers play a very important role in our spiritual, mental and physical health. Often times fathers set the tone for all three of these areas for us as children. These morals and ideals are established as standards for us as we grow into all around healthy adults. I have such a great deal of respect for all of the fathers who sew seeds into their children’s lives.

In certain situations, some fathers don’t live in the household. Dads be sure to allow your presence to be felt by your children with your time, love, support, care, monetary contribution and your interest in your children’s interest. Fathers who do not play a big role in a child’s life can lead to a host of issues that affect a child’s mental and spiritual health even through adulthood.

Father’s day is a great day to celebrate men in general. Some men do not have kids but play a big role in helping to raise other people’s children. These men come in the form of uncles, grandfathers, big brothers, teachers, coaches, pastors, as well as mentors. It takes a village to raise a child. If you are man, it doesn’t matter if you have children or not. Take a child under your wing and use that opportunity  to show him/her the way.

For one reason or another, my father wasn’t around when I was growing up. Although he wasn’t in a position to be there for me I had many men come in to my life at the right times to steer me in the right direction and to ensure that I would become a productive member of society. I thank God for all of the men in my family that showed me how to become a man. I also thank all of my school teachers, my coaches, the men in my community and all of my mentors for helping me grow to become the man that I am today. To honor your contribution in my life, I have taken on the same responsibility that you shouldered by coaching and mentoring young men in sports, fitness, and in life.

Happy Father’s once again to everyone!

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