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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness, $19.99

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Fit2dmax DVD 2 - Atlanta Personal TrainerIn Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness, Health and Wellness
Expert Maxim Nazaire who has been featured on CNN Headline News shares
his testimony on how he was able to overcome injury, disease,
depression, and self doubt to become one of the leading wellness
ambassadors of today. When Nazaire realized that it was his God given
right to be healthy, he was determined to become Spiritually, Mentally
and Physically Strong and to inspire others to do the same. Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of wellness will motivate you to step on your
individual journey and receive the benefits that only wellness can
bring to your life.

“It’s not about the end result: It’s about embracing, enjoying and
respecting the pursuit.” –Maxim Nazaire, CSCS


Real Fitness, Real Nutrition, $13.95

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Real Fitness, Real Nutrition Real Fitness, Real Nutrition is a book written by Fit2DMax owner Maxim Nazaire that embodies the philosophical ideologies of his performance based coaching. His insight on nutritional and training principles will instantly improve your quality of life. Real Fitness, Real Nutrition will define your fitness goals, prepare you for those goals, and equip you with the tools to reach and surpass your goals. This book will teach you to eat for energy, longevity, power and maximize every single minute of your wellness journey.



The Real Fitness DVD, $19.95

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Fit2dmax DVD 2 - Atlanta Personal Trainer This is the thigh burning, heart pumping, arm toning, stomach blasting fitness DVD. It is a complete total body workout that equips you with all of the tools that you need to begin your exercise journey. There are no hard to learn dance moves. The Real Fitness DVD has real exercises that emphasize excellent form for better results. The DVD can be used for fitness enthusiasts that are on the go, or for an added workout to speed up the results on off days.




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