If you’re wondering about what to expect when you become a part of the Fit2DMax program, here’s some real success stories on what to expect.

More Success Stories

“My Fit2DMax coach has displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility while also providing me the necessary motivation to complete my exercises.  My Fit2DMax coach made my workouts interesting and surprisingly fun, while still providing a challenge. Fit2DMax would be an asset to anyone looking for a coach who can change their body and wellbeing, and I am happy to give Fit2DMax my wholehearted endorsement.”

-Jenny Medina owner of Jenny’s Designs


“As a healthcare professional I was impressed with the Fit2DMax coaches’ educational background and comprehensive evaluative skills.  My training experience was customized to fit my needs and every session was different and exciting. Fit2DMax did a wonderful job keeping me motivated during my weight loss journey.  Along with losing weight I was surprised with the energy and strength that came along with it. I highly recommend Fit2DMax.”

-Dr. Mischelle Epps


I would like to provide my general endorsement of the Fit2DMax program. Even within a group class, each participant received personal attention to work on what he or she needs most. As the most overweight and out of shape in our group, I was not allowed to use this as an excuse…I was encouraged by Maxim, and exercises were adapted for me…During our three months together I lost 30 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. Moreover, all the muscle groups in my body were strengthened…I would unreservedly recommend the Fit2DMax program to anyone wishing to strengthen themselves in body and mind.”

-Marc Leventhal Esq.


“My Fit2DMax coach pushes me to do more than I could ever expect to do if I were to work out on my own. Fit2DMax has taught me helpful ways to stretch and also correct my posture and techniques that has taken me to the next level. I have progressed in so many areas including my endurance, and speed. I feel the difference with working out with Fit2DMax.”

– Happy Smith, Fashion Designer


“Prior to working out with Fit2DMax I had not worked out in over 2 years, had poor posture, and had recently been diagnosed at 53 years old with osteoporosis in the spine and hips.  My self confidence was low and I was easily tired. After participating in the Fit2DMax program I developed considered strength in my legs and upper body and am toned and trim at 115 pounds. Not to mention the weight bearing exercise we have done has stopped the destructive progress of my osteoporosis. Thank you Fit2DMax!”

– Jessica Burdine