Is a perfect blend of holistic wellness, athletic performance based training, and spiritual upliftment. This is the signature Fit2DMax program led by Author, Celebrity Fitness Expert and Wellness Ambassador Maxim Nazaire.

This is an EXCLUSIVE, special focus 12 week program, that includes 3 sessions a week of fitness and wellness classes. The workouts are at 2715 Peachtree Road in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta. There is plenty of parking, plenty of showers and tons of support. The one thing we don’t have are excuses!!

What to expect from the class:
– New exercise combos that will stimulate a change in your body like never before.
– In depth nutrition program that guarantees added strength, endurance and fat loss.
– Daily tracking that will allow you to view and celebrate the accomplishments of your fitness and wellness goals.

Every participant of the Maxabolic program will experience some or all of the following :
· Added strength
· Increase in flexibility
· Enhanced endurance
· Tighter core/stomach
· Loss in weight, body fat and inches around the waist

Maxabolic Abc

Beginners who need support and encouragement to lay down a firm foundation for their wellness journey.

Maxabolic Women’s only

A woman’s class designed for the female physique.

Maxabolic Xyz

For those who are already on their wellness journey but want more intensity our of their wellness program.

Maxabolic Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or build your endurance, One on one coaching/training will help you to reach any and every fitness and wellness goal.



Maxabolic (Abc/Xyz) $299


Maxabolic (Womens only) $275